The Last Ten Days

joqatana: @Wendell_Howe I'm confused. Are we having a temporal rerun? I could swear you did Emily Carr Last week.

Confused? It’s all very simple.

Monday last week, 5 October, I was in 1885 Victoria, where I met, the famous Canadian artist, Emily Carr, then 14 years old. Thursday left 1885 Victoria and returned home to 2656 Bohemia, New York, the home of the Institute of Time Travel. Found out Dr. Matilda Warwick was in the Present. She’s usually in the Middle Ages, so I wasn’t about to pass this up! Ironically she was at University of Cambridge, where my office and flat is. Traveled to Cambridge so we could spend evening together. Friday flew to Winnipeg to show my visit in 1885 to their fair city to the University of Manitoba, then flew back to Cambridge to meet Matilda. Saturday went to Calgary to show footage taken for the University of Alberta. Yes I know they are in Edmonton, but they wanted me to make a presentation in Calgary since footage was Calgary before Great Fire of 1886. From there I went to Chicago to meet Matilda again. Sunday left Chicago and followed Matilda to Melbourne because she had to pack for trip back to 12th century and I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could, because I only get to see her every six months for a couple of days, it seems like. Monday, we took a very early flight from Melbourne to Bohemia, NY. Institute informed me I could finally go back and study Emily Dickinson, but I had to leave Wednesday and return Friday. Found out later all the Universities had ganged up on Institute to pressure them into allowing this trip and being so inconsiderate was probably their way of reasserting control. So flew to Cambridge and packed for 1861. Took late flight to Vancouver, British Columbia. Tuesday in Vancouver gave presentation that morning at Emily Carr University of footage I took of their namesake. That afternoon I gave a presentation at the University of British Columbia of footage of 1885 Revelstoke, Craigellachie, Port Moody, Granville/Gastown/Vancouver (town hadn’t quite decided on name yet), New Westminster and Victoria. Took late flight to Bohemia, New York. Dragged myself into Institutue of Time Travel the next morning, and took one of their preset time machines to 1861 Amherst. And here I am. There simple, right?

And people wonder why I drink so much tea!

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  1. Phew! I hope time travel doesn't include motion sickness!

    It's all in the name of research so well worth it.

    Keep well, Wendell.


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