Dr. Wendell Howe

----cordially invites you to attend----

a Temporal Tea Party

Sunday, 18 October 2656

at his office in the

Faculty of History Building

University of Cambridge

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Please feel free to bring
biscuits or other refreshments.

Be sure to type in
#temporaltea on Twitter

Please RSVP in comments below.


theladyisugly said...

Of course, I'll be there! And you'll be happy to know that The Inventrix and I have already chosen the decorations :D

Arthur said...

Consider my RSVP confirmed. :)

Christina A. Nelson said...

Happily stopped by already! :D Lovely party: everyone is going to have a fun time.

Lord Likely said...

Oh! I do love a good gathering - count my glorious self in!

I shall bring a bottle or several. Dozen.

mousewords said...

Thank you for the gracious invitiation, Dr. Howe, I'm so looking forward to it! I'll be traveling back from next Tuesday.

Raisa Gonzalez said...

Of course, I will attend! It sounds like great fun. :)

ar_jay said...

Delighted to make a basket of Magog Muffins available to download for the party - 50 of the "Cambridge Blue" variety? Apologies in advance that have had to substitute some ingredients since we lost the diversity in natural habitats earlier this Millennium.

tardis-type-40 said...

Oh, lovely...Tea and Time Travel are my favorites.

BC0035 said...

It is so nice of you to invite us all. I would LOVE to come! Is the attire formal?