Temporal Antrhopologist Recruitment ad

Some of you have asked exactly what is a Temporal Anthropologist? I found an old recruitment ad and have copied the text. I do hope this will give you an idea.
Dr. W.A. Howe

Study the Past in the Present Tense
Join the fascinating world of Temporal Anthropology
Are you a history buff? Have you ever wished you could go back in time to study and live in an ancient culture like the Roman Empire, the Renaissance or the 20th Century? This is what Temporal Anthropologists do everyday. Working with the approval of the Institute of Time Travel, you a can actually visit the past and investigate unrecorded history. Walk through a Medieval village, sip tea in a Victorian café, watch a play in Classical Greece--any of these activities are possible.
All that is needed is the desire to live your dreams. Other requirements include a PhD in History, a PhD in Anthropology, and a certified Time Travel License from the Institute of Time Travel. The Institute will make sure you have the proper training to blend into your chosen era of study so well the natives will think you are one of them. You will also be trained to be unnoticed and uninspiring, so you will not be remembered or influence people in the past.
The Institute of Time Travel Enforcement Agency will work closely with you to make sure that you need not worry of ever being guilty of the horrendous crime of Time Manipulation, and thereby changing history. (Stories that the Enforcers have been known to go back in history and ‘erase’ someone by making them have an ‘accident’, before the Time Manipulation incident, intentional or otherwise, have never been proven.) All time trips are under the careful control of the Institute of Time Travel and therefore safe. All time machines are provided, maintained and controlled by the Institute, freeing you of the headache and expense.
Added bonuses are that all universities want a Temporal Anthropologist on staff and will often provide not only a salary and pension, but also housing on or near their campus. Period money, clothes and other essentials will be provided so you can live comfortably and safely in the ‘field’. Other universities around the world will come with offers of projects, begging you to investigate various subjects in your chosen era. Invitations for speaking engagements will be too numerous for you to honor. There will be royalties from any videos and books you produce for the edification of the public. You will be a celebrity among the academics and admired by all. Most importantly you will be a member of that elite brotherhood known as the Temporal Anthropologists.

Why not join today?
For more information contact: The Association of Temporal Anthropologists, George Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX1, United Kingdom

Delving into History’s Mysteries since 2454


  1. I'm hooked already. You had me at Temporal Anthropologist. Hit me!
    Jane Geddis - counterclock.org

  2. Interested in recruiting someone from the early 21'st century?

  3. Hello.

    What positions are available for a 2:1 History Graduate? I'm between jobs at the moment, and would be between eras.

  4. Sign me up love to visit other times


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