Archive Update

I have the Tweet Archive updated with files 11 & 12. Includes my trip to New York City.

Tweet Archive File 11
Tweet Archive File 12


Just About Write

Christina G. on her blog Just About Write wrote a very nice article on self-promoting that mentions me in it. No doubt she heard of my efforts to educate the public on the discipline of Temporal Anthropology. You can read her article at Just About Write.

There is Help for the Technically Inept

Thank you Iapetus999 and mikejmartin for your help. I am of the opinion that anyone can eventually learn any computer program if they just poke enough buttons. Apparently one cannot follow a follower's blogsite if they do not have a blogsite. Odd how that works. This basic principle of physics is what had me stymied. So now I believe I have finally figured it out. For those of you wondering why I hadn't followed back before now, please accept my apology. And thank you to all my followers for your show of support.


Please Help the Technically Handicapped

I have all these nice people following me on Blogger and I haven't a clue how to follow them back or even contact them to thank them for their support. They must all think me very rude, little knowing I'm just very inept. Every time I try to follow one of them, I windup following myself!

It's probably just as well Licensed Time Travelers aren't allowed to operate or maintain time machines. I fear I would be lost somewhere in the Neolithic Age by now, hobnobbing with Bell Beaker Folk. Technology and mechanics are just not my cup of tea.