Cambridge Time Traveller Group

Oxford brags that it is the home of the Temporal Anthropologists, since Oxford historian Sir Albert Leach started the organization there in 2454. Well, I will have you know that Cambridge has a tradition of Time Travellers that dates back to 2008!

The Cambridge Time Traveller Group was founded by Cambridge Historian, Fonz Chamberlain. This is a project dedicated to collecting photos, audio recollections and articles on the history of Cambridge, UK. Mr. Chamberlain’s goal was to train anyone interested in Cambridge’s glorious past, to become a “Time Traveller.” I think one of my ancestors was a founding member if I recall family history.

The group is still going strong today in the 27th century. (I’ve addressed them on more than one occasion.) For more information on this wonderful organization go to: Cambridge Time Traveller. You can also follow them on Twitter at @ctimetraveller and @RealFonz.

So there Oxford--Cambridge was first!