Temporal Tuesday

I’ve noticed many of you have Tweeted asking if you could come along with me to the past. Alas, this is illegal and I’d not only lose my Time Travel License, but they would lock me up and throw away the key. Others of you have Tweeted where you would go if you were a Temporal Anthropologist.

So I’ve decided to start an experiment. Tuesday, 7th of July, will unofficially be the first Temporal Anthropologist Tuesday on Twitter. Type in #TemporalTues and then Tweet about where you would go back in time. Since the Institute of Time Travel has no jurisdiction on where we go in our heads, you can throw away the Institute’s strict Rules for Temporal Anthropologists. You can pretend your Dr. Serendipity Brown, the Inventor of Time Travel, who had no Enforcers breathing down her neck, and could do as she pleased. (I don’t know if those rumours are true, that she snogged Benjamin Franklin. I surely hope not.)

I've long suspected there are alternate universes out there that Twitter apparently can access. So feel free to bring your own time machine, and let us know where you wind up.

If 140 characters is too limiting, you can put in a link to your blogsite. There you can write a short paragraph or an epic trilogy. That all depends on you. The only limitation is that you MUST put #TemporalTues in all your tweets. That way people can click on the hashmark and then they will be able to see where everyone went. I'll try to gather them all up and post them on a blog for posterity.

We probably won’t make Trendy Topics, but who cares. The few people I’ve bounced this idea off of like it. And who knows, you might find someone who likes the same era as you who you might be worth following. Or you might find a blogsite that looks interesting. Or a writer with an exciting looking book. Tuesday you all get Time Machines. Have fun!



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  1. You have such cool ideas. Do you take super vitamins? or get cerebral electric shocks? or run at high speeds till endorphins kick your muse into hypermode?
    I love your Wendell "voice" too!
    Will try to remember #Temporal Tues. Hmmm, where would I go?


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