Archive of First Temporal Tuesday

I have sorted out and collected all the tweets for #TemporalTues. If you do not see yours here, they were probably sucked into some blackhole (there are several on the internet, you know). Please Direct Message me at @Wendell_Howe at Twitter. Let me know how many tweets there are and I will go to your Twitter site and collect them.

This was an experiment, so there are bound to be some glitches. A few forgot to put #TemporalTues on their tweets so they didn't show up. Some of you put in #TemporalTuesday. The Search in Twitter is very picky. And some of you did exactly as you were suppose to and they still didn't show up. I don't see why you should be punished by being omitted, so please contact me.

Also it appears this event was so popular that several people have begged me to do it again next week. So if you missed out...well, you haven't missed out.

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