The Science of Anachronism

Dr. John Skylar, from the University of Constantinople, is a professor of Anachronism, the science of interpreting data collected from various eras and time streams to determine the infinite possibilities that might occur. (That is probably an oversimplification.) When Dr. Taylor heard I was going to go to Australia, offered his services to advise me what to avoid if I did not wish to change history. Of course I am trained to avoid that sort of thing, but one should never get too cocky and ignore warnings.

I found Dr. Skylar's counsel quite sound. Indeed I was not aware how delicate the political atmosphere of the time. I needed to get footage of James Service, a minor politician who was on his way to becoming a major statesman. He would play a pivotal role in the federation and creation of Australia. Thanks to Dr. Skylar I made sure I did not influence Mr. Service by sidestepping any discussion of politics or the future. Instead I brought up the subject that brought Mr. Service to Australia in the first place. He was a tea importer. To be honest, I found the subject of conversation far more interesting than politics anyway!

Here is Dr. John Sylar's report: How to Save History: Australia 1874

And thank you, Dr. Skylar.

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  1. You're quite welcome, Dr. Howe!

    I look forward to our most fruitful future collaboration.

    Also, your description of Anachronism was right on. I get a little more poetic about it:

    "I scrawl in the margins of time and flesh out the realm of possibility."


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