A Debate on the Ramifications of Time Manipulation

Dr. John Skylar, noted expert on the science of Anachronism, has written an essay on the theory of multilpe time streams. It is quite contrary to the official stand of the Institute of Time Travel and I therefore cannot endorse it.

However, I believe that when science squelches the ideas of free thinkers, it is in danger of becoming no more than dogma. Radicals should be allowed to present their theories without fear of being attacked or laughed at, whether you believe them or not. Polite debate should never be discouraged. Even the most ridiculous ideas have often inspired theories that proved true.

So I present Dr. Skylar's speculations at The Anachronist's Blog

Myself, I'm not sure if Dr. Skylar is a genius or a madman or both. (Not that I'm one to judge. You have to be a bit barmy to want to become a Temporal Anthropologist.)

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Even Einstein had a difficult time finding a job after he graduated.