Nice to Know I'm Appreciated

I hadn't mentioned this before, being rather modest, but I've been told I need to toot my own horn if I want to promote my upcoming book The Rise of Tea in Victorian Great Britain and It‘s Social Impact (due to come out in 2658). Maximilian Forte, founder of Open Anthropology, included my blog, as well as my colleague Dr. Henry Darrel, on his link page under the heading of Academic Blogs.

I was so touched by this I left him a comment thanking him for being included, since some in the academic world don't take Temporal Anthropologists seriously, seeing us as little more than errand boys. Mr. Forte responded by saying that Henry and I were probably the only two anthropologists he took seriously. It is recognition like this that keeps one going on those lonely nights out in the Field when one wonders if it's all worth it. It means a lot to know we are appreciated for our sacrifices in delving into the mysteries of the past so we can bring the light of truth.

You can read Mr. Forte's touching comments at: Open Anthropology

(All right, I admit it's not that big of a sacrifice. I really do enjoy what I'm doing. Just indulging in a little Victorian melodrama, is all.)

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