A Day in the Life of Dr. Wendell Howe

Here is a description of the Institute of Time Travel, the Time Stream Pub, and those horrible debriefings.
The Debriefing

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  1. Hi Dr. Howe! This is the girl who came to visit you on your birthday and your upcoming tea party on this past Temporal Tuesday!

    I absolutely love reading about your exploits! I also read about the debriefing process, and I must say that I am very pleased that you managed to not erase J.R.R. Tolkien from existence!

    I am a writer myself, and I was hoping you wouldn't mind me interviewing you a bit to feature on my blog? I'll also include a link to your twitter and your site!

    I like spreading the news of other great characters and stories around! Please let me know if you have time in your busy schedule! Your consideration is much appreciated!


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