A Tour of the International Exhibition of Industry, Science and Art

Friday, 9 November 1888 - Glasgow Scotland

This is the next to the last day of the International Exhibition of Industry, Science and Art here in Glasgow. It's been open since last May. Since the Great Exhibition in London on 1851, Victorians have fallen in love with these sort of affairs. They are part trade show, part culture exchange, part county fair and part shopping mall. So grab a guide book (they are only three pennies) and come along. Thought I would show you some photos of this particular Exhibit. (Click on any of them to enlarge and get a better look.)

This is the entrance to the main building
Interior showing the Main Avenue East
That's Osler's display of cut glass in front

Indian Court

Viennese bric-a-brac from Ernest Wahliss
the entrance of the Machinery Court
 ornamental ironwork by Walter Macfarlane's Saracen Foundry at Possilpark

Sugar machinery from Mirrlees, Watson & Co., Glasgow

Nobel's Explosives Co. Ltd, Glasgow Branch
(no smoking please)

The Bodega Bar in the Main Building

Sporrans from Kirkwood of Edinburgh

Doulton's terracotta "Indian Pavilion"
Fairfield's stand showing 30 ship models
 along with a model of a triple expansion engine

George Cradock of Wakefield
manufacturer of Lang's patent steel wire

Brown and Polson's cornflour and starch
The arches are made of corn cobs.

Robin and Houston, with soapworks at Paisley and candleworks in Glasgow

Andrew and James Stewart's Clyde Tube Works at Coatbridge
exhibit in the Machinery Section

Campbell Achnach & Co., rubber manufacturers

My thanks to the the Univeristy of Glasgow

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