Journey to Ellis Island - Day Six

Yesterday’s lethargy has been replaced by growing excitement. They say we will be in New York tomorrow! All eyes are now scanning the eastern horizon. A bank of clouds lays there. One of the sailors says that means land.

Everyone is in a flurry of excitement. People are pulling out there best clothes, trying to smooth out the wrinkles. Most of the men are braving the rocking of the boat to get a shave with their straight edge razors. An immigrating barber has setup “shop” and is doing a marvelous business. Those that can scrounge the modest price he is asking, are lining up for of a shave or haircut. I decided joining the queue was preferable to risking getting nicked. He did a great job, I must say.

All talk of the past that drove these people immigrate has been replaced by talk of the future. It has to better than what the poverty and oppression they left behind. As for me, I lean on the railing and watch, feeling eager anticipation, even though I’m not really immigrating but merely observing. The hope is just too infectious.

I can’t get that old song "Coming to America" out of my head. It was written long ago in the 20th century--or should I say, it will be written someday in the future, since it’s now 1893. The songwriter's grandparents came through Ellis Island. I believe the chap's name was Neil Damion...or was it Neil Donald?...no wait, Neil Diamond!

Click here to see "Coming to America" by film maker Alexa Nelipa. This video best captures the feeling of the song. You can visit her website at: Alexa's Art Good show, my dear Ms. Nelipa.

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