Please Help the Technically Handicapped

I have all these nice people following me on Blogger and I haven't a clue how to follow them back or even contact them to thank them for their support. They must all think me very rude, little knowing I'm just very inept. Every time I try to follow one of them, I windup following myself!

It's probably just as well Licensed Time Travelers aren't allowed to operate or maintain time machines. I fear I would be lost somewhere in the Neolithic Age by now, hobnobbing with Bell Beaker Folk. Technology and mechanics are just not my cup of tea.


  1. I think you can just click on their heads, look at "sites I've joined", and see if they have a "follow" section on their blog. If not, there's a "follow" button at the top of the blog, but I don't know if it does the same thing.

  2. As far as thanking them, comment on their latest post :)

  3. you have managed to join my page, of which im grateful, I love your character Wendell A Howe, ecellent creation.


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