Rebuttal/Apology to WritingSpiritResources.com

Writingspiritresources.com left a comment April 21st. I only discovered it May 6th because I am a History Geek and not a Tech Geek. I still can’t figure out how to contact all those nice followers. I do apologize for that.

Writingspiritresources.com pointed out that the Rules for Temporal Anthropologists that I posted implied only men were Temporal Anthropologists. That is not true. There are currently over a dozen women in the field. Unfortunately too many time periods in the past treated women with little or no respect, even hostility. I’m not surprised more women aren’t in the field. It’s hard enough being alone in the past with just normal hardships. Who wants to go somewhere where you are treated like dirt? That would take someone with far more commitment and grit than I have. I have a special admiration for female Temporal Anthropologists. For that matter, I know very few male Temporal Anthropologists who don’t feel the same. The brotherhood does have sisters in it.

I would dearly love to have a female associate in the field with me, even on a platonic basis, but I could never ask any woman to live in a time when women’s fashion was downright oppressive and women were treated like children. As much as I love the Victorian Age, there are things I don’t like about it. I do hope I have not absorbed any of the sexism, racism, or class elitism of the age. I will say one thing for the Victorian Age, though. This was the period when people first stood up and fought against these social injustices.

When women students come up to me and say they want to be Temporal Anthropologists, I let them know exactly what they are getting themselves into. Most decide it wasn’t as romantic as they thought. However, there are those fiery souls who seem undeterred by hardship. I do all I can to help them. Those women devoted enough to follow the path usually make the best Temporal Anthropologists.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Wendell A. Howe
Temporal Anthropologist
University of Cambridge

P.S. Those rules were not created by Cambridge University or the Association of Temporal Anthropologists, but by the Institute of Time Travel Enforcement Agency. The Enforcers, I cannot vouch for. They are not very friendly to any Temporal Anthropologist of either sex but treat us like criminals. I suppose they are just trying to be professional but would it kill them to smile at us once in awhile?