I Now Have a Verified Account (I Think)

I was getting complaints that my Twitter feed at @Wendell_Howe was getting filled up with "thank yous" and replies. And yet I hate to be so rude as to ignore anyone on Twitter who takes the time to tweet me. So I created a second account, @Wendell_A_Howe, so I could talk to others without everyone feeling like we were talking behind their backs.

To make sure that there would be no confusion, I decided to get the second account verified so people would know it wasn't a fake account. However when I made the request to Twitter, they politely laughed in my face. Verified accounts were only for celebrities, like actors, singers, politicians and other entertainers. A Temporal Anthropologist is just a historic researcher and hardly qualified.

So I did a search on the internet to find a solution. I found a nice outfit in Tijuana who said they could verify my account and created the above. It is proudly displayed in the background of my second account. When you see it, you will know I am indeed a True Twit.